Maintenance & Repairs

"Full service" means much more than a full oil tank. All of our customers receive personalized attention and fast local response. This includes service agreements that keep your heating equipment operating at peak efficiency. We perform regular Combustion Efficiency Tests, which measure smoke, draft, stack temperature and carbon dioxide to ensure that your oil burner is operating properly and is not wasting oil.

It's easy to take your heating system for granted, but you shouldn't! We partner with our customers to make sure that they are well protected against breakdowns and other unpleasant "surprises" once the temperature drops. You can have your system tuned up or repaired anytime during the year. However, we highly recommend the summer so you can be assured your system will be running its best during the heating season. Schedule your system repairs strategically, so that you never have to worry about being left "out in the cold."

Preventative maintenance is the key to staying warm, comfortable and secure all year long. Call our office at 617-547-2360 to learn more about the various service plans available to our customers!