Electricity and Natural Gas

Electricity deregulation allows homeowners and businesses to shop for the supply portion of their bill. The supply component of electricity is approximately 65 percent of the monthly bill. We have strong relationships with numerous independent electricity suppliers in all deregulated electricity states. These relationships enable us to secure the best possible prices and terms for our clients. We represent you rather than the supplier and are ready to choose the best option for your needs. By providing us a recent copy of your electric bill, we then contact multiple suppliers for the best pricing. Within 7-10 days we are able to provide a pricing analysis and recommendations for your energy needs.Power from the same electricity grid is still delivered from the local utility company directly to your home or business. Your local utility company still maintains the wires, and still provides service if necessary.  You save money on the electricity consumed at your home or business while enjoying price certainty. Contact us today and save!

Natural Gas Consulting
Our dedicated team of natural gas consultants can assist with securing the best natural gas prices for your business. As an independent energy broker, we have developed strong relationships with leading suppliers and are able to offer our customers fixed or variable index pricing,  often times saving you up to 25% on your bill.We review your company’s historic usage & consumption and advise on the best strategy for your business. After reviewing, we seek competitive bids from our suppliers. We review those bids with one objective, to secure a contract on your behalf with the best possible pricing and terms. Whether it is locking in a price at a longer 2-3 year term, or offering a flexible 6 month contract, we can establish a contract that best suits your needs. We guarantee service and savings, please contact us Toll Free at 855-216-9927 to receive your free natural gas savings analysis.