Payment Options

We offer our customers a wide range of payment options. Our friendly service representatives work closely with each customer in order to find the solution that is best for their household's budget.

Open Market Pricing

Customers may elect to purchase their oil as needed at the variable market rate. Due to our secure, two million gallon oil supply and contracts with several major oil suppliers, customers are guaranteed to pay competitive prices.

Equal Payment Plan 

Tired of being hit with high heating payments during the winter, while coasting through the summer months without a heating bill in sight? The Equal Payment Plan allows you to budget consistent, affordable monthly payments throughout the year. Nine, ten, and eleven-month budgets are available.

Price Protection Alternatives 

Fixed Price: This is an option that "fixes" your price for the season or until you use your requested gallons, whichever comes first. Your price will not go up or down, no matter what happens in the market. Locking in your oil price at a "fixed" rate means guaranteed price protection, combined with the ability to accurately budget your heating oil expenses for the entire fixed rate period.

Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card Option

Many customers prefer this option. Prices are kept as low as possible as payment is required at time of delivery resulting in no receivables as balances for our company. As a result, savings gained by our company are passed along to our customers. Fuel Assistance: For those customers who need Fuel Assistance, our company has created relationships with many government backed fuel assistance programs, self-reliance programs and charitable organizations. we try very hard to help people in need receive the heat or service they need.

Speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable sales representatives to learn more about the numerous budget plans that are available to you. Call us today!